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County waste department to award prizes through the Zero Waste Hero social media campaign

December 19, 2022

Join the Department of Waste Resources for a refreshing revised online program – Zero Waste Hero. This virtual experience will challenge residents to become more active in reducing waste, recycling more, and becoming a less wasteful consumer. Residents will have the opportunity to complete challenges on Instagram and Facebook. As participants complete the challenges, they earn an entry into a drawing for eco-friendly prizes.  No registration is required for this free, virtual program. You may access it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Visit our newly launched Zero Waste Hero webpage for more info:

Zero Waste Hero is a month-long social media campaign geared toward helping Riverside County residents learn about waste reduction or improve their current waste reduction efforts through fun, educational challenges. Participants will be entered into a weekly drawing. This effort, occurring in January 2023, is meant to increase awareness of proper recycling and methods a family can implement at home to reduce waste.

Zero Waste Hero challenges will focus on a different part of the home each week, like the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, garage, and yard. Each Sunday, the week’s theme and prize will be announced. Monday – Friday will be composed of simple, daily challenges. The drawing closes on Friday at noon. On Saturdays, the winner will be announced for the week. The winner will be chosen through a virtual drawing; participants can enter by completing the challenges for the week. The more active you are, the more entries you will earn for the prize drawings.  At the end of the month, a drawing with all participants will be conducted for the grand prize. The grand prize will be a GeoBin OR vermicomposting bin, and a kitchen countertop bin. While anyone can participate, prizes will only be awarded to Riverside County residents.

For more information, call a Recycling Specialist at 951-486-3200 or visit .