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Riverside County Provides Funding to Advance 12 Homes for Oasis Mobile Home Park Relocation Efforts

November 9, 2022


OASIS – By a vote of 5-0, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors yesterday allocated funding that can move 12 families from Oasis Mobile Home Park into better living conditions by early next year.

The county supervisors approved using $279,000 from a $30 million state relocation assistance grant to complete the development of a 12-space mobile home park, the Maria y Jose Mobile Home Park in Oasis. All 12 spaces will be reserved for Oasis Mobile Home Park residents.

The mobile home park will be located in Oasis, at 85-701 Middleton Rd., and is being developed by Jesus Montanez. The mobile home park will connect to Coachella Valley Water District water and sewer lines, and will also be installed with a new electrical system and paved roads.

This funding will help a dozen families more quickly move out of hazardous and substandard conditions at Oasis Mobile Home Park and have access to clean water, safe electricity and other proper infrastructure. County representatives emphasized that they are working with Polanco parks, approximately 18 mobile home parks, to get them permitted and improved which would provide the option for more Oasis Mobile Home Park families to move sooner rather than waiting years.

“I think we’ve come a long way, we still have a ways to go,” said Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “The importance here is that, although we have plans to build housing which is going to take a year out or longer than that (two, three, four, five years out), we’re also working with our Polanco parks just like this one here to advance their efforts to make sure that we’re able to move folks from Oasis Mobile Home Park maybe sooner, and not have to wait over a year. Maybe we can do it within six months.”

Heidi Marshall, director of the Riverside County Housing and Workforce Solutions Department, reported that there have been three community meetings with Oasis Mobile Home Park residents held in recent months. The meetings will continue to be held monthly, with the next meeting scheduled November 30.

The county’s housing department director also reported that, since January 2021, the county has assisted with relocating 49 families from Oasis Mobile Home Park to Mountain View Estates, a mobile home park equipped with necessary infrastructure as well as community amenities. Another 21 families are awaiting new homes at Mountain View Estates. At the start of the Oasis Mobile Home Park relocation process, there were 235 occupied mobile homes and, as of now, 219 are in occupancy.