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Riverside County Seeks North Shore Road Solutions to Improve Access for Residents and Emergency Response

November 15, 2022


NORTH SHORE – Earlier this month, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors allocated $250,000 from Supervisor V. Manuel Perez’s Fourth District Unincorporated Communities Initiative funding towards the goal of creating secondary road access for residents off Club View Drive in the North Shore community.

Currently, in North Shore, residents off Club View Drive, in one of the eastern residential parts of the community, have a single roadway access point.

Last year, the community of North Shore was impacted with two major storms with high winds causing trees and power poles to topple and electricity to go out for days. During the storm in late August 2021, power poles on Club View Drive fell over, blocking roadway access for the residents off Club View Drive. Since the storm events, North Shore residents and community advocates have expressed the need for secondary road access.

With the funding that Supervisor Perez has set aside, the county’s transportation department will initiate preliminary planning for a proposed secondary access road that could help the community especially in natural disasters and emergency incidents.

“During the last storm, more than 30 families off Club View Drive were essentially blocked in and couldn’t leave their homes for days,” said Supervisor Perez. “We had to bring ice, bottled water and food to them until the road was cleared of the hazard. It is important that we initiate this planning to pursue infrastructure that could improve community resilience, emergency response and the quality of life. The planning effort for a new road is a process that will take time, but I’m hopeful we will ultimately have a solution that can help residents particularly for any future natural disasters that occur.”

The goal of this effort is to identify feasible options for a second, publicly maintained roadway for this eastern neighborhood of North Shore. The funds will be used to identify a preferred alignment for the road, initiate environmental studies, acquire right-of-way, and complete preliminary design.

The planning effort, led by the county transportation department, will help determine a project timeframe depending on the available options.