Van Buren Sewer CFD


The Van Buren Sewer CFD is being formed as a mechanism for financing the costs of the sewer project extending from Wood Rd. to King Ave. The participants of the CFD will be included solely on a volunteer basis. The boundary map on this website shows the potential participants to be included in the CFD. If you are included in the boundary map located on this website and you do not want to connect to sewer, you will not be included in the CFD formation. Please let us know your preference in writing or by email. If you choose to participate after formation, that will be acceptable at a cost. The property owners who want to be added into the CFD after formation will have to pay a catch up tax to contribute to their fair share of the costs. Anyone who wishes to participate, please also write or email your willingness to participate.

For those responding by mail or email please include:

  • Name
  • Property Address
  • Property APN if known
  • Contact phone #
  • Email address

For more information please refer to the presentation delivered on April 20 at the Woodcrest library and the “Questions From Community Meeting” located under documents.  As more information is available we will update this website.