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County Boards, Committees and Commissions

Riverside County has numerous boards and commissions that provide guidance for issues ranging from women's wellbeing to land development. Learn more about these organizations below.

Airport Land Use Commission

The Airport Land Use Commission is tasked with compatibility planning for land uses surrounding 16 private, public, and military airports throughout Riverside County. The commission is charged with protecting the public health, safety, and welfare through development of airports that minimize the public’s exposure to noise and safety hazards.

View the Airport Land Use Commission

Countywide Oversight Board

The Countywide Oversight Board is the new successor agency for all of Riverside County, including all cities’ successor agencies.

View the Countywide Oversight Board

First 5 Riverside

First 5 Riverside works in partnership with our community of service providers to ensure young children and their families have the support they need.

Visit First 5 Riverside

Local Agency Formation Commission

Local Agency Formation Commissions are state-mandated regulatory agencies created to  encourage orderly growth and development through the regulation of local public agency boundaries.

View the Local Agency Formation Commission

Planning Commission

It is the goal of the Planning Department to promote innovative development that effectively accommodates a balance of housing, employment and service opportunities in unincorporated Riverside County areas.

View the Planning Commission

Transportation Commission

The Riverside County Transportation Commission is responsible for coordinating highway and transit planning, identifying projects for state and federal funding, as well as all aspects of regional planning for Riverside County’s mobility.

View the Transportation Commission

Pension Advisory Review Committee (PARC)

The County of Riverside established a pension management policy to ensure the financial stability of the County through proper pension plan management.

View the Pension Advisory Review Committee

Debt Advisory Committee (DAC)

The County of Riverside established a policy to ensure the financial stability of the County, reduce the County’s cost of borrowing, and protect the County’s credit quality through proper debt management.

View the Debt Advisory Committee

Investment Oversight Committee (IOC)

The County of Riverside established an investment policy to safeguard the public funds by assuring prudent investments and providing proper oversight of these investments.

View the Investment Oversight Committee

Successor Agency

The Executive Office is responsible for the County of Riverside’s Successor Agency and is accountable to its taxing entities.


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News and Events

Latest News

Latest Events