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RivCoParks Launches Outdoor Equity Initiative: RivCoParks Library Pass

Wed, 17/04/2024 - 05:00

Riverside County, California - April 17, 2024 – Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District is launching the RivCoParks Library Pass program designed to foster community engagement, encourage outdoor recreation, and begin to close the nature gap.

Library passes offer Riverside County residents a new opportunity to explore the outdoors while enjoying the benefits of their local libraries. The program is a partnership between RivCoParks and local libraries to provide residents with free day-use access to county park sites. By checking out the pass at participating local libraries, participants will gain complimentary admission to outdoor recreational facilities, including hiking trails, picnic areas, and nature preserves.

“Parks are for everyone. All Riverside County residents should be able to experience all that our RivCoParks system has to offer,” said Board Chair Chuck Washington, Third District Supervisor.  “These park passes will allow residents to expand their knowledge of the world around them while exploring many of the natural spaces throughout our diverse County.”

The RivCoParks Library Pass program recognizes the importance of equitable access to nature. It aims to address disparities in outdoor recreation participation. By providing free access to county park sites, the program removes financial barriers that may prevent individuals and families from experiencing outdoor activities. RivCoParks seeks to promote social cohesion and strengthen community ties, fostering civic pride among underserved residents.

“We are proud to introduce the RivCoParks Library Pass program, which is intended to close the nature gap. The program represents a significant step towards ensuring that all residents, regardless of background or income, have equal access to the recreational opportunities throughout Riverside County,” said Parks Director Kyla Brown.

The launch of the RivCoParks Library Pass program aligns with Earth Month. Earth Month celebrates environmental awareness and appreciation for nature every April. Residents can inquire about the program at their local participating library to check out a library pass. Passholders can then present their pass when visiting participating regional parks, historic sites, and open-space areas. Amenities featured include picnic areas, shelters, playgrounds, hiking trails, lakes, nature centers and educational programs.

For more information about the RivCoParks Library Pass program, or to find a listing of participating libraries, please visit Community members interested in various Earth Month events, such as tree planting, clean-ups, and other activities, may email [email protected].

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