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The Financial and Government Services departments are responsible for the timely, accurate and systematic recording, deposit, collection, investment and disbursement of money to Riverside County.

These departments strive to provide to residents and all county departments accurate budgeting, accounting, and reporting of the county's financial resources. 

View county budget information on our Executive Office page

Property Taxes

The Assessor, Auditor, and Treasurer-Tax Collector work together to produce and account for your property tax bill and payment.

The Clerk of the Board oversees assessment appeals. The Assessor establishes the assessed value of your property by appraising the value of that property under applicable state laws.

The Auditor Controller adds direct assessments to the assessment roll, and then applies the tax rates, which consist of general (1%) levy and debt service (voter & bonded) tax rates, to the value to create an extended assessment roll.

The Treasurer Tax Collector receives the extended assessment roll, prints, and mails the property tax bills to the name and address of record.  The Treasurer-Tax Collector collects the taxes and invests the proceeds in the Treasurer’s Pooled Investment Fund for later distribution by the Auditor-Controller to taxing entities throughout Riverside County.

The Riverside County Property Tax Portal offers answers to your questions about the organizations that handle the property tax process in Riverside County.

The Assessment Appeals Division receives and processes applications for changed assessment; schedules and publishes hearings in accordance with legal requirements; and provides assistance to the general public on the assessment appeals process. You can also fill out and submit an appeal form online.