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Celebrate Leap Year with Unique Wedding Opportunities

February 26, 2024

Riverside, CA – The Riverside County Assessor-Clerk-Recorder’s office proudly
offers a special opportunity for couples eager to make their wedding day uniquely
memorable. This Leap Year, seize the chance to mark your union on Leap Day,
February 29th, a date as extraordinary as your love story.

Leap Year brings an extra day to our calendar every four years, aligning our
calendar with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Leap Day, February 29th,
emerges as an ideal date for celebrating major life milestones, such as weddings,
symbolizing the unique and lasting bond between partners.

“Leap Year gives us the chance to host weddings on February 29th, a date that’s
special because it’s so rare, appearing just once every four years. I look forward
to seeing couples take this unique opportunity to celebrate their love,” said
Peter Aldana, Assessor-Clerk-Recorder. “At the Riverside County ACR, we’re
committed to ensuring that every wedding ceremony, especially on Leap Day, is as
memorable and unique as the date itself.”

We are ready to assist at all six Riverside County locations: Downtown Riverside,
Riverside Gateway, Temecula, Palm Desert, Hemet, and Blythe. Couples are
encouraged to learn about obtaining a marriage license and planning their
ceremony with us. Our website is filled with comprehensive information and
resources to make your journey to marriage both simple and enjoyable.

Couples seeking information on marriage services, including appointment
scheduling and office hours, are encouraged to visit the Riverside County Clerk’s
Office website at For additional questions, please
call the Clerk-Recorder’s information line at (951) 486-7000

Celebrate your love by joining hands in marriage on Leap Day, transforming a rare
moment into the beginning of your lifelong journey together.