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Mosquito control application scheduled in the community of Sun Lakes Country Club Thursday morning

September 26, 2023

Due to a recent positive West Nile virus mosquito test sample result, the Riverside County Vector Control Program has scheduled an ultra-low volume ground application using truck-mounted sprayers to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes. The treatment will occur in the community of Sun Lakes Country Club in the city of Banning.  This includes the area south of Sun Lakes Boulevard and Brooklawn Drive, west of South Highland Home Road, north of Breckenridge Avenue, and east of Highland Springs Avenue. 


The application of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved mosquito control product Zenivex E4-RTU (EPA Reg No 2724-807) is scheduled for Thursday (9/28) from 4:00am until 7:00am. The product used is registered by the EPA for the purpose of controlling mosquitoes and protecting public health. The product is applied according to label instructions by trained and certified technicians. Although the product poses very low to no risk, some people may prefer to avoid exposure. To minimize exposure, residents and pets should remain indoors and keep windows closed during and for 15 minutes following ground application. The amount of material sprayed is 0.5 ounces per acre, which ensures that humans, animals, and crops are safe. Signs will be posted Tuesday (9/26) along the route informing residents of the control efforts.


In addition, Vector Control staff are intensifying mosquito surveillance, searching for breeding sites, and conducting larval control where appropriate.  Residents of Riverside County can take the following action to help eliminate mosquitoes from their community. 



  • Dress in long sleeves and pants, especially if outside at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes that can spread West Nile virus are most active.


  • Install screens on windows and doors and keep them in good repair to keep mosquitoes out of your home.


  • Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, including in flowerpots, old tires, buckets, pet dishes, and trash cans. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in very small amounts of standing water.


  • Repair leaking faucets and broken sprinklers that can contribute to standing water around your home.


  • Clean rain gutters clogged with leaves, which can also contribute to standing water.


Please call the vector control office at (951) 766-9454 if you have any questions. For additional information on protecting yourself and your community from mosquitoes, visit Riverside County Environmental Health Vector Control Mosquito Surveillance and Treatment webpage.