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Riverside County Supervisors Approve Model Behavioral Health Project

April 30, 2024

RIVERSIDE, CA (April 30, 2024) — Riverside County Supervisors granted final approval today for Riverside University Health System’s (RUHS) Wellness Village in Mead Valley, a ground-breaking project that will transform healthcare by seamlessly integrating behavioral health treatment with medical care and social services.

Slated for completion in 2026, the Village will feature a crisis residential behavioral health center for children and a Children’s Mental Health Urgent Care – both a first in Riverside County. The facilities will address a critical gap in local healthcare services.

"The RUHS Wellness Village represents a major shift in how we provide healthcare and will serve as a model for the state," First District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries said. “By centralizing and enhancing access to healthcare, such as pediatric behavioral health services, we're ensuring that families no longer need to travel out of county for essential care.”

Construction of the $580 million, 19.4-acre campus will begin in Supervisor Jeffries’ district in June at the intersection of Harvill Avenue and Placentia Avenue—an area with few other healthcare options.

The Wellness Village will offer primary and specialty medical care, dental services, substance use disorder services, and a pharmacy, as well as onsite respite for families whose children are in short-term residential care. Social services such as WIC, job training programs, and educational services are among the planned programs. Public amenities designed to foster community interaction include therapeutic green spaces, a public market and a café, all of which are essential components of the holistic recovery process.

"This project is unlike anything else that’s been done. It will be a place where individuals of all ages can access a range of services in an environment designed to foster healing, community interaction and overall wellbeing,” said Dr. Matthew Chang, Behavioral Health Director for RUHS. “In terms of behavioral health treatment approaches, we are breaking new ground.”

Construction and operation of the Wellness Village will also bring economic benefits to the region. A January 2024 analysis by Beacon Economics shows the project will create hundreds of permanent jobs and generate millions of dollars in taxes and spending.

The Wellness Village will serve as a vital local resource and a model blueprint for integrated healthcare delivery across California. A public-private partnership, the project embodies a pioneering approach by combining medical care, behavioral health, and community support into a single cohesive environment.

For more information about the project, click here: Wellness Village Fact Sheet

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