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Support area nonprofits this GivingTuesday!

November 27, 2023

As part of the county’s commitment to community well-being, Riverside County residents are encouraged to support GivingTuesday, a movement that inspires individuals to donate to local nonprofit organizations. This annual observance, held November 28 this year, serves as a reminder of the positive impact made by giving back to those in need.

GivingTuesday, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and celebrate generosity worldwide. This initiative aligns with the County of Riverside’s dedication to fostering a sense of unity and compassion within our community.

"The spirit of giving is deeply rooted in the fabric of our community, and we believe that coming together on GivingTuesday can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who need it most," said Board Chair Kevin Jeffries, First District Supervisor. “Together, we can strengthen the bonds that make Riverside County a vibrant and compassionate place to live.”

Employees and residents are encouraged to take part in GivingTuesday by supporting local nonprofit organizations that address critical issues, enhance community services and contribute to the overall well-being of our residents. Whether through financial contributions, volunteerism, or other forms of support, each act of kindness helps build a stronger and more resilient community.

“We can’t achieve our mission of helping residents grow and thrive without the vital work of nonprofits,” said County Executive Officer Jeff Van Wagenen. “In many communities, nonprofits can simply go further in the community than we can. They are trusted partners, and we regularly work with them to provide housing, access to healthcare and other safety net services.”

Local nonprofit organizations and federations dedicated to causes like education, healthcare, social justice and the environment are located throughout the Riverside County area. Employees and residents are encouraged to find a cause that is meaningful to their lives.

Here is a listing of a few nonprofits that directly support the mission of county departments:

Join the county in making a difference to bring about lasting change.

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